View over Toronto

My points got me to Toronto

Martin Gotthardsson used his EuroBonus points to travel to Canada.

View over Toronto. Photo: Martin Gotthardsson
December 2022
Business Class upgrades and bonus travel. 26-year-old Martin Gotthardsson shares why he’s an SAS EuroBonus member and why more people should join.

Martin Gotthardsson developed a passion for travel 10 years ago, which just happened to coincide with his SAS EuroBonus membership. Since then, Martin’s EuroBonus points have brought him to numerous destinations, from the Swedish arctic outpost of Kiruna to the Spanish coastal resort town of Alicante and across the Atlantic on SAS’s first flight to the busy Canadian metropolis of Toronto.

Martin Gotthardsson
Martin Gotthardsson's EuroBonus points have brought him to numerous destinations, from the Swedish arctic outpost of Kiruna to the Spanish coastal resort town of Alicante.

Hey Martin, why did you become an SAS EuroBonus member?
“At first, it was the very reasonably priced Young Adult tickets that were the main attraction, but since I traveled so often, I soon discovered that EuroBonus was a truly extraordinary rewards program, where it was simple and easy to earn points for your flights.

Then, after I applied for the SAS EuroBonus credit card, I was really able to benefit to the max from the program. Since I buy things almost every day, why not earn points that can be redeemed for travel at the same time? Bonus travel can often be a bit more luxurious than normal travel.”

Name a few things that make it worthwhile to be a EuroBonus member!
“Without a doubt, it’s the best rewards program for anyone who loves to travel. For me, earning points that give me the opportunity to get away and take trips that I otherwise might not have taken is the most important thing. Comfortable loungers, Fast Track, or an upgrade to Plus or Business Class can turn any trip into a cherished memory.” 

“It’s so easy yet so rewarding!”

What is the number one benefit of EuroBonus?
“That it’s so easy yet so rewarding! The number one thing is that air travel and everyday credit card purchases linked to EuroBonus earn points that can be used for bonus travel, but I also really appreciate the fact that I can upgrade a Go Class trip to Plus or Business Class.”

How do you earn your EuroBonus points?
“I earn most of my points by always using my SAS EuroBonus credit card whenever I shop, but also of course from travel in the form of flights, rental cars, and hotels. Recently, I’ve become more of a ‘big points hunter’ and have discovered that you can earn even more points at a number of stores you can visit directly from SAS’s website. In addition, my significant other and I have ‘Point Sharing’, where we earned mutual points that we used to fly Business Class to both New York and Chicago.

We also get a 2-for-1 voucher from American Express, which means that we can pay just half the points for bonus trips for up to two individuals. To have the opportunity every once in a while to invite my significant other, a friend, or another family member on a Business Class flight is out of this world!”

Toronto by Martin Gotthardsson
Martin used his EuroBonus points to travel from Stockholm to Toronto.

Tell us about some of your EuroBonus trips!
“When SAS launched its Toronto route on the brand spanking new A321LR aircraft in June 2021, I just had to seize the opportunity to go there! The fact that I had enough EuroBonus points to cover the entire cost of the flight and the hotel made it an even more incredible travel experience.”