About us

About Scandinavian Traveler

Who we are and how to reach us.

December 2022

About us

Scandinavian Traveler is an editorial, digital magazine and platform about modern travel published by Scandinavian Airlines. It started as a print publication for in-flight reading but is today wholly digital.

The publication is the editorial heart of the Scandinavian Airlines digital universe and hopes to inspire and enhance readers’ travel experiences with insightful, smart and always-relevant articles, interviews, lists and features.

Scandinavian Traveler believes that the more you know about a destination, the better the experience. This way we can help travelers create journeys that matter.

Contact us

For enquiries or ideas about editorial content: scandinaviantraveler@studiobon.com.

Scandinavian Traveler offers unique advertising opportunities for partners of Scandinavian Airlines and SAS EuroBonus. Reach out to your partnership contact at SAS or SAS EuroBonus to get more information about advertising on Scandinavian Traveler.

If you’re interested in advertising on Scandinavian Traveler, but don’t have a partnership contact at SAS or SAS EuroBonus yet, we encourage you to contact us at sales.stcom@sas.se.