Warm sand, cold drink in hand and the sound of waves.

Sun & Beach

Warm sand, cold drink in hand and the sound of waves.

Nice France
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7 romantic destinations around Nice and the French Riviera

Everything you could ask for in a romantic getaway.

December 2022
Places to swim Oslo
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6 great places to swim in Oslo

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December 2022
Surfing Gran Canaria
Body and soul
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Discover Gran Canaria’s vibrant wellness scene

Surfing spots and yoga retreats.

October 2022
The Amalfi coast
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Driving along the Amalfi coast

Pastel-colored villages, magical views and amazing food.

October 2022
Girona, Spain
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Five beautiful places to visit around Barcelona

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October 2022
Bari, Italy
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Discover Bari – the bon viveur’s paradise

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October 2022
Black beach
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Discover the black beaches of the world

7 favorites from Hawaii to New Zealand.

September 2022
Miami water activities hero
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6 water-based activities and experiences in Miami

Miami is surrounded by water. Here are seven fun ways to experience the ocean in this city.

July 2022