Euro Disney 1992

15 things that happened in 1992

Do you remember what you were doing in 1992, the year EuroBonus was launched?

September 2022
Remember Lethal Weapon…3? Windows 3.1? Or that Norway applied for the EC membership?

Sometimes 30 years is a long time. It may not be significant in the lifetime of a California redwood tree, but for most of us humans, a lot of things happen in three decades. We get married, celebrate birthdays, get divorced, change jobs, retire, have children, invent new things, close down shops, fall down – and get back up again.

We put together our own Scandinavian Traveler list with some of the significant events that took place in 1992:

Olympic games Barcelona 1992

1. Olympic games held in Barcelona

2. Denmark win Euro 92

3. Norway applies for EC membership

4. IBM ThinkPad 700C laptop created

5. Bill Clinton elected president

Jay Leno debuts on the Tonight Show
Photo: Shutterstock

6. Jay Leno debuts on the Tonight Show

7. Sixth Jönssonligan movie

8. Philips CD-i launced

9. Wayne’s World hits the cinemas

10. Microsoft releases Windows 3.1

Nirvana’s album Smells Like Teen Spirit

11. Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit is released

12. Cold War declared over

13. Finland applies for EC membership

14. Sweden gets 20-krona bill

15. EuroDisney opens

Text by Geoff Mortimore