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3 hrs from: Bergen Airport

Adrenaline-packed sports and breathtaking scenery.

Photo: Casper Steinsland
August 2023
Situated in the heart of the fjord region, Bergen is the gateway to adventure. Cruise down the gorgeous Osterfjorden, explore WWII wrecks, or spend the night at a historic guesthouse. Here are nine destinations you can get to easily by car.

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Get up close and personal with nature on Osterøy Island

Osterøy, a big island in the Osterfjorden, surrounded by towering mountains and lush valleys, is less than an hour’s drive to the northeast from Bergen Airport. This is where to go if you want to experience an authentic Norwegian village full of small farms, historic churches, and beautiful hiking trails.

Norwegian fjord landscape
Photo: Casper Steinsland, Visit Bergen
Osterøy Museum
Photo: Anders Nyland

A trip back in time

Osterøy museum

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Gjerstad 44
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At the Osterøy Museum, you can see how people lived and worked on the island over the years. If, after learning all about the traditional handicrafts, you feel inspired to bring home a souvenir, visit the museum shop, which has a great selection of handmade items from local craftsmen and artists.

People photographing a waterfall
Photo: Casper Steinsland, Visit Bergen

Enjoy a cruise

Fjordcruise Bergen-Mostraumen

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Experience Osterøy Island’s towering mountains, lush valleys, and picturesque villages during the 3-hour-long cruise along the Osterfjorden. The tour goes from Bergen all the way up the narrow Osterfjorden and through the powerful currents of the Mostraumen Strait before returning home. You’ll find spacious cabins, a sundeck, and even limited food service on board.

Two women hiking in the Norwegian mountains
Photo: Visit Osteroy

Picture-perfect hiking


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At Kossdalssvingane, you can ascend up a narrow, snaking trail with 17 hairpin turns. Once you get to the top, you’ll enjoy a spectacular view of the verdant valley below. The climb is fairly easy and appropriate for everyone, even families with children and less experienced hikers.

World-class extreme sports in Voss 

If you continue to drive east past Osterøy, you’ll soon reach Voss, a small but lively town that’s the place to go for adventure sports. 

A ski lift in Voss

A Mecca for extreme sports lovers


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Lekvemoen 1
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If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, Voss is the perfect destination. As if the excitement of rafting, ziplining, and parachuting weren’t enough, the town also hosts a week-long extreme sports festival each year where athletes from around the world push the envelope and go head to head against one another.

Skiing in Voss
Photo: Kjartan Haugen, Visit Voss

Panoramic skiing

Voss Resort

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Evangervegen 3
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During the winter months, Voss Resort is a popular destination, offering cross-country ski trails, relatively easy off-piste skiing, and everything from bunny hills to black diamond runs. If you prefer to ski under the moonlight, there’s even a four-kilometer lighted cross-country ski trail. The resort is compact and charming – the perfect destination for a short winter ski trip.

Swedish chocolate balls with coconut
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Go where the action is

Tre Brør Kafé

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Vangsgata 28
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Locals and visitors alike flock to Tre Brør Kafé on Voss’s town square to enjoy seasonal dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients. While the early bird menu consists of light lunches and homemade pastries, as evening nears the focus shifts to dinner entrées and alcoholic beverages. If you time it right, there may even be live music or another exciting event going on.

A trip down memory lane in historic Gulen

Gulen, a tiny village that left a giant impression on history, is located just two and a half hours from Bergen Airport – right at the entrance to Norway’s longest fjord, the Sognefjord.

Blue Garden at Skjerjehamn
Photo: Foto Espen Bakketun
The Gulating in Norway
Photo: Nordlandblog.com

Travel in the footsteps of the Vikings


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Fv7 10
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Gulen is the birthplace of the Gulaþing, the largest parliamentary assembly in Norway during its time (900–1300 A.D.). This is where the Gulaþingslova, the first laws of the country, were presented and later put into writing. You can take a guided tour here and learn more about the exciting Viking Era and the relics that their mysterious civilization left behind.

The restaurant at Skjerjehamn hotel
Photo: Linn Kjos Falkenberg

Historic accommodations


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At Skjerjehamn, you will enjoy idyllic surroundings right beside the mouth of the “King of the Fjords”, Sognefjord. Once the site of a busy fishing port, the historic wooden inn, which has hosted travelers since at least 1641, is full of atmosphere. Make sure you visit the adjoining restaurant on the old steamship pier, Pakkhuset, which is famous for its superb fish soup. From Skjerjehamn, take a boat to the self-sufficient organic farm Hille and spend the night in one of their “Hille domes”, luxurious glamping tents where you can enjoy the gentle murmur of the waves and the starry, silent night sky.

Someone dives with flippers

Explore the undersea world

Gulen Dive Resort

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Glosvikvegen 134
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If you’re eager to plunge into a world of adventure, Gulen Dive Resort won’t let you down. Whether you’re into wreck diving, macro, or exploring the rich marine life at one of Norway’s most spectacular dive sites, it’s the adventure of a lifetime.

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Text by Agnes Regell