A sunny terrace by the sea

6 must-do activities when exploring The Amalfi Coast

Delicious food, idyllic beaches, and gorgeous viewpoints.

Photo: Lawrence Chismorie, Unsplash
June 2023
The Amalfi Coast is often called the most beautiful coastline in the world. We give you the scoop on everything you absolutely don’t want to miss when visiting this Italian paradise – the food, the viewpoints, and the attractions.
Hotel Poseidon in Positano

Enjoy a room with a view in Positano

Hotel Poseidon

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Viale Pasitea, 148
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The family-run Hotel Poseidon has a beautiful location in Positano. You’ll enjoy a breathtaking view of the colorful coastal town and its lush green surroundings below. The hotel looks like something right out of a classic Italian movie, with colorfully decorated rooms and a delightful terrace overlooking the coast.

A plate of frutti di mare

Mouth-watering seafood pasta

Ristorante L'Abside

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P.za dei Dogi, 31
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Nothing beats a delicious frutti di mare on the Amalfi Coast. Thanks to its close proximity to the sea, the entire coast is teeming with incredible seafood restaurants. At Ristorante L’Abside, located in the heart of the region in the town of Amalfi, you can eat haute cuisine “Italian style”. Sit here for hours while you enjoy the view of the town’s piazza and savor the classic Italian dishes.

Cliffs and sea at the island of Capri

Day trip to Capri


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Just a short boat ride from the coast lies the idyllic island of Capri. Here, you’ll find lovely beaches, crystal-clear blue waters, snorkeling grottos, and breathtaking vantage points that are perfect for a day-long adventure. The boat ride takes about an hour from Amalfi or just 30 minutes from Positano.

A glass of limoncello spritz

Try the locally produced limoncello


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The Amalfi Coast
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When visiting the Amalfi Coast, whatever you do, make sure to sample the Italian lemon liquor, limoncello. There are numerous establishments that offer tastings. Stroll through the tranquil lemon groves and enjoy this locally produced beverage made from succulent lemons.

Inside Duomo di Amalfi

Classic architecture in the heart of Amalfi

Duomo di Amalfi

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Piazza Duomo, 1
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Stunning architecture is just one more reason to visit the Amalfi Coast – and one of the most spectacular examples is the cathedral Duomo di Amalfi on the main square, Piazza del Duomo. This awe-inspiring church, which blends several architectural styles, is conveniently located in the heart of Amalfi and should absolutely not be missed.

Spiaggia Di Atrani

An undiscovered gem

Spiaggia di Atrani

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Via Nicolangelo Protopisani, 5
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Atrani is a charming town near Amalfi that’s virtually remained a hidden secret. You’ll find a delightful beach here tucked in between towering mountains and historic buildings. Spiaggia di Atrani is one of the smallest towns in Italy, both in terms of population and area, and as there are surprisingly few tourists who make their way here in the summer, it continues to be a hidden gem on the Amalfi Coast.

Text by Paula Halldin