Hiking Sweden

A guide to the Best Hiking Trails in Sweden

Exploring Sweden’s landscapes and hiking trails.

Photo: Niklas Vestefjell/Imagebank Sweden
November 2023
Discover Sweden’s most thrilling hiking trails and plan your next adventure vacation. We’ve enlisted the help of Charlotte Grönlund, hiking expert at the Swedish Tourist Association.
Kuststigen Bohuslän
Kuststigen Bohuslän. Photo: Johannes Andersson/Unsplash

Kuststigen Bohuslän

This coastal stretch is somewhat of a less well known part of the beautiful Bohusleden walk. It runs from Tjörn along the coast and up into Norway. There are 42 stages of the walk, all close to the sea in a more or less barren, untouched landscape, with grazing meadows, forests and small fishing harbors. You will encounter plenty of evidence of the power of the Ice Age, burial mounds, ancient monuments and villages with shades of the Middle Ages.

Degree of difficulty: Medium
Fly to: Göteborg
Information: westswedentrails.com/delled/kuststigen

Kungsleden. Photo: Michael Jönsson/Imagebank Sweden


Kungsleden is the most famous walking trail in Sweden that is also renowned further afield. The entire trail from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south extends 440km and would take a month to complete. However, it is clearly divided into recommended week stages and there are basic but comfortable cabins to stay in overnight pretty much the whole length of the trail, plus places to pitch a tent. My personal favorite stretch is from Hemavan to Ammarnäs in the south. Vindelfjällen offers equally stunning views as views in the northern parts and this leg of the walk is more isolated, quieter and with a far more relaxed tempo.

Degree of difficulty: Medium / difficult 
Fly to: Kiruna
Information: svenskaturistforeningen.se/guider-tips/omraden/kungsleden

Skåneleden. Photo: Mats Hagwall/Unsplash


Skåneleden offers absolutely fairytale beautiful hiking through the varied Skåne landscape – along the coast, through beech woods and the rolling hills of Brösarp. It is a long walk divided into five different stages. Many walkers prefer to carry a small tent for a closer to nature experience.My favorite stretch is the leg through Österlen. This takes you through classic Skåne views, and you can also visit famous landmarks such as Ales stenar and Brösarps backar.

Degree of difficulty: Depends on the leg, but easy to medium. 
Fly to: Malmö
Information: svenskaturistforeningen.se/guider-tips/leder/skaneleden

Stockholm archipelago
Stockholm archipelago. Photo: Ola Ericson/Imagebank Sweden

Island hopping in the Stockholm archipelago

A slightly different type of walks. However, the island hopping concept gives you a fantastic opportunity to explore one of the real treasures of Sweden, the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. Waxholmsbolaget sells “båtluffarkort”, a boat pass that you can use to hop on and off their boats that visit all the islands in the archipelago, walk along signposted trails or simply wander round and discover your own walks.

Degree of difficulty: Easy
Fly to: Stockholm

Vålådalsfyrkanten. Photo: Szymon Dubowik / STF


Vålådalen in Jämtland offers every imaginable walk and sense of adventure for anyone thinking of going hill walking for the first time. There’s fantastic accommodation both down in the valley in Vålådalen, and in easy to reach parts of the trail in the mountains. Vålådalsfyrkanten is a lovely little four-day walk where you start and finish at Vålådalen fjällstation. The comfortable 15km daily legs take you through the forest up to Stensdalen, via Vålåstugorna and the magnificent Lunndörrsmassivet massif, and back down to Vålådalen again. A perfect long weekend walk with friends.

Degree of difficulty: Easy, Medium
Fly to: Åre/Östersund
Information: svenskaturistforeningen.se/guider-tips/leder/valadalsfyrkanten

Helagsmassivet. Photo: Nina Lindgren/Unsplash


In Helagsmassivet, you’ll find the most southerly glacier in Sweden, sadly fast shrinking, but well worth a visit. Walking through the mountain passes here is the perfect introduction to hill walking. The walk up to Helags is relatively easy, around 15km from the nearest village down in Ljungdalen / Kläppen, and you’ll quickly climb above the tree line and experience the genuine mountain feeling. My best advice if you want to sample mountain walking is to take your family and children on a long weekend to Helags, where you’ll enjoy plenty of fun and a beautiful mountain experience.

Degree of difficulty: Medium (glacier stretch might be difficult, depending on the weather). Fly to: Åre/Östersund
Information: svenskaturistforeningen.se/boende/stf-helags-fjallstation

High Coast
The High Coast Trail. Photo: Image Bank Sweden

The High Coast Trail

The High Coast Trail stretches 130km through the World Heritage listed High Coast. It offers coastal walking in a pretty undulating landscape with high cliffs where Skuleberget is an obvious high point, and you will also pass through dense ancient forests and open landscapes. Parts of the trail are easy on gravel roads and paths, while the stretches through Skuluberget National Park will see you hiking along signposted trails through the unbeatably beautiful nature around Skuluberget. The trail starts down by the High Coast bridge at Kramfors and ends in Örnsköldsvik. However, you can pick and choose different legs for longer or shorter day walks.

Degree of difficulty: Medium
Fly to: Sundsvall/Timrå
Information: svenskaturistforeningen.se/guider-tips/leder/hoga-kustenleden