Blossoming cherry trees by a river in Japan

Best Cherry Blossom spots in Japan

From Tokyo to Kyoto.

September 2023
Discover the best locations for the ultimate hanami experience in Japan.

One of the most popular bucket list-trips is the one that goes to Japan for the most beautiful phenomena Mother Nature has to offer: The cherry blossom (桜, sakura). The best way to keep track of exact dates for when the cherry trees are in full bloom in different locations throughout Japan is with the detailed forecast on There are dozens of different varieties of cherry blossoms, some bloom earlier than others. Whether you’ve already booked your tickets or if you’re filling that bucket for future trips, we have the best locations for the ultimate hanami experience.

Cherry blossoms alongside the Meguro River


You can enjoy the cherry blossoms in various parks and gardens in the city, such as Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyoen, or Yoyogi Park. Ueno Park is one of the most popular spots with over 1000 trees along a central pathway. Shinjuku Gyoen has a beautiful English Garden with more than 400 trees of different varieties. Yoyogi Park is known for its lively parties under the blossoms with food stalls and music.

But maybe the most iconic place to experience cherry blossom is alongside the Meguro River (Meguro-gawa). It can be crowded at times but it is definitely worth the trip. The closest station is Nakameguro where the circular Yoyogi Line runs.

Sakura trees carpeting the Kii Mountains

Mount Yoshino

Probably Japan’s most famous cherry-bloom destination, with over 30,000 sakura trees carpeting the Kii Mountains. The trees are planted along four slopes at different altitudes, creating a stunning gradient effect as they bloom at different times. You can also visit temples and shrines along the way and enjoy the views from observation decks.

Pink blossoms next to the five-storied Chureito Pagoda

Chureito Pagoda

A five-storied pagoda on a hilltop overlooking Mount Fuji and a sea of pink blossoms. It is one of the most photogenic spots in Japan, especially at sunrise or sunset when the light creates a magical atmosphere. It’s a climb of about 400 steps from the Arakura Sengen Shrine at the base of the hill – but trust us, it is worth the effort.

Cherry blossoms at Lake Kawaguchi next to Mount Fuji

Lake Kawaguchi

One of the five lakes around Mount Fuji and a popular spot for viewing cherry blossoms with the majestic mountain as a backdrop. There are several locations around the lake where you can admire the scenery, such as Oishi Park, Nagasaki Park, or Ubuyagasaki Peninsula.

The cherry trees along the riverbank in Arashiyama


A district in Kyoto that offers a variety of attractions and activities besides cherry blossoms. You can stroll along the Togetsukyo Bridge over the Katsura River, explore the bamboo grove and monkey park, or visit temples and gardens such as Tenryuji and Daikakuji. The cherry trees along the riverbank create a stunning contrast with the green bamboo forest behind them.