Løkken beach

Europes finest summer holiday home is in Løkken, Denmark

This beautiful home was built by the former Danish Prime Minister in the 1920s.

Photo: Løkken strand.
April 2021
The majestic summer villa Blånæs in Løkken was named Best Holiday Home Beach House 2018 by the European Holiday Home Association. This beautiful home built in the 1920s boasts a spectacular setting perched high on the sand dunes above the North Sea waves.

”You can eat breakfast on the terrace, buy fresh fish from the local fishermen and people watch life on the beach.”

The house on the north west Jutland coast has beaten over 1,000 other European holiday homes in 14 different categories. Built by former Prime Minister Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, it’s one of the most famous and photographed houses in Løkken.

Løkken beach
Photo: Mette Johnsen.

The property ticks all the boxes for hygge, harmony and happiness. Leaded windows, half-timbered gables, thatched roof and a fantastic location just 20m from the beach. Inside too, where all the original features and styling have been preserved, the house is something really special. There’s the yellow salon with fireplace and sea views, the green salon in the English style, from where you can also see the fireplace and the dining room with views over the beach and sea. With three bedrooms, WC on every floor and bathrooms with bath and shower, there’s plenty of room for friends and family. 

You can eat breakfast on the terrace, buy fresh fish from the local fishermen and people watch life on the beach. The town of Løkken is within walking distance and the north Jutland sand dunes are right on the doorstep.

Løkken beach
Photo: Mette Johnsen.

The whole area is extraordinarily special. The beach at Løkken is considered to be one of the best in Europe, stretching over 10km and wide enough to cycle or even drive a car along it. Around 80km north is the famous old artist colony Skagen, renowned for its very special light and the waves breaking against each other where Skagerrak meets Kattegat. If you head south, you reach the surfer paradise of Klitmøller, aka Cold Hawaii, and Thy National Park with its stunning landscapes. 

The award-winning dream house of Blånæs is available most of the year through Feriepartner, a letting agency with over 2,200 properties in North Jutland on its books. As a holiday home, Blånæs is very high class, which is reflected in the rental price. The weekly rate is around €2,500. But does all this publicity mean the house is booked way into the future?

Strand Beach Denmark
Photo: Daniel Brandt.

“If you check our booking calendar on our website, you actually have a good chance of booking Blånæs next season,” says Esben Filholm, Sales and Service Consultant at Feriepartner Denmark in Løkken. “The unique style and price mean it is a very special house for a select few very special customers,” he says.

So, if your holiday budget can stretch to it, you can still book Europe’s finest summer holiday home.

Text by Lise Hannibal