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How to optimize your Travel Experience

14 tips you can use before, during, and after your next trip.

August 2023
Upgrades, access to airport lounges, delicious food, fast onboard Wi-Fi, and beaucoup EuroBonus points for the taking! Here’s a checklist to ensure the best travel experience when you fly with SAS.

Before departure


SAS EuroBonus is a free frequent flyer program that lets you earn points for everything you do – both before and after your trip. All you need to do to start earning points and enjoy all the benefits is to register.

Adding a credit or debit card

As a SAS EuroBonus member, you have the option of adding a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card to your EuroBonus account. This lets you automatically earn Extra points from our merchant partners. Just remember first to register the card you want to add to your account. In addition, if you have a SAS EuroBonus credit card, you not only earn double points, but also Extra points for your everyday purchases. See all the options, apply for a EuroBonus card, and start earning points here.

Shop with our partners

Once you’ve added a credit or debit card to your EuroBonus account, you’re ready to start shopping at around 1,500 restaurants and stores throughout Scandinavia and earn up to a point for each crown you spend. You can see a list of all our partners here. Are you the type of person who prefers to shop online? No problem! Earning points is just as easy at any of the 500 largest online retailers in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Just remember to login as a EuroBonus member before you start shopping on SAS’s website!

Reward yourself with an upgrade

Make your next trip even more pleasant, comfortable, and memorable by upgrading your ticket to SAS Plus or SAS Business. As a SAS EuroBonus member, you can always use EuroBonus points to upgrade to a higher travel class on any airlines that participate in the Star Alliance. If you don’t want to use your points, you can still purchase an upgrade with your card and earn points at the same time. How’s that for a great deal? Read more on how to upgrade your ticket here

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Right baggage for the trip

Is it a long vacation or just a weekend jaunt? Relaxation on the beach or an outdoor adventure? Do you need a stroller or a golf bag? Regardless what’s on your list of things to pack, we always do what we can to allow you to take along the items you want. Just remember to book your ticket with the correct amount of baggage. You can find all the information you need before your next trip here.

It pays to care about the environment!

SAS is a driving force when it comes to a future where sustainable air travel and zero emissions are a reality. This is why we’ve made it easy to add biofuel when you book your next trip with SAS. As a EuroBonus member, whenever you purchase biofuel (available for every ticket class), you’re rewarded with 500 Extra points for each 20-minute block. 

If you instead opt to purchase one of our Go Smart Bio or Plus Pro Bio tickets, the cost of roughly 50 percent biofuel for an average flight is included in the price. As a EuroBonus member, you’re even rewarded with an extra 400 Basic points on flights within Scandinavia or 700 Basic points on our European routes.

Would you like to join us on our voyage toward zero-emission flights while earning points along the way? Read more here.

On-board snacks

Arrive with a full tank

It’s hard to travel on an empty tank! If food isn’t included in your ticket, you can always pre-order meals when booking your ticket (or afterwards with the SAS app). The exact menu options depend on the travel destination, flight duration, and time of day. You can find all the information here.

Travel safely and securely

SAS has partnered with XCover to offer simple, effective travel insurance so that you can feel as safe as possible before, during, and after your trip. You can choose from full coverage, which includes health insurance and reimbursement of your ticket and other pre-paid travel expenses, or trip cancellation insurance. Read more about the different options here.

SAS Lounge

Relax in our lounges

With access to one of our airport lounges, you can start your journey off on the right foot: relax in a quiet environment, work without interruption, enjoy a snack, or order a refreshing beverage. Access to our airport lounges is always free if you’re traveling on a SAS Plus or SAS Business ticket or are a EuroBonus Diamond or Gold or Star Alliance Gold member. It’s also possible to purchase access for a SAS Go ticket. You can find out everything you need to know about our lounges here.

Don’t let your bags slow you down!

If you live in Denmark, you can now have your baggage picked up at home and delivered straight to the airport. As the service even includes check-in and delivery of your boarding pass, when you arrive at the airport, you can just proceed directly to security. This simplifies things, allowing you to travel light without the stress associated with baggage! No more waiting by the baggage carousel since your luggage is delivered directly to your home. Read more about how to book baggage pick-up here [missing link?].

While flying

Surf the airwaves

Since most SAS European flights offer high-speed Wi-Fi onboard, you can stream your favorite entertainment, surf the net, work, or stay in touch with your friends during the flight. Onboard Wi-Fi is easy to purchase with a credit or debit card or EuroBonus points. Moreover, if you’re traveling on a SAS Business ticket or are a EuroBonus Diamond or Gold member traveling on a SAS Go or SAS Plus ticket, it’s free of charge! Read more about the specific rules for your flight here

A taxi ride in the evening

After landing

Reaching your final destination is a snap

With a taxi or rental car waiting for you at the airport, it’s quick and easy to get to your final destination, making your trip go even more smoothly. Explore some undiscovered places while enjoying a more flexible itinerary and, most importantly, earning EuroBonus Extra points at the same time! Learn more about our car rental and taxi partners here.

Choose the right accommodations

For many people, nothing has a bigger impact on a trip than the accommodations. With Hotels by SAS (operated by, you can choose among thousands of hotels all over the world and find the right one for your budget. Naturally, as a EuroBonus member, you earn Extra points whenever you book a stay with Hotels by SAS, bringing you one step closer to your next bonus trip! Book your next stay here.

Food and beverages with point rewards

Are you traveling within Scandinavia? Make sure you check out our selection of restaurants, cafés, and bars in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden where, as a EuroBonus member with a linked credit or debit card, you automatically earn Extra points for your purchases. Find your favorite eating and drinking establishment here.