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Four Must-sees in Luleå

Discover this northern Swedish gem where modernity meets Arctic beauty.

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December 2023
Situated near the Arctic Circle, Luleå offers a fascinating blend of northern culture, stunning nature, and modern experiences. Here are four tips for visiting this coastal city.
gammelstads kyrkstad
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Wooden world Heritage

Gammelstad Church Town has a unique place in Swedish history and culture, and it is, unsurprisingly, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church cottages were built by farmers who needed to stay overnight during church visits or parish meetings. With over 400 wooden church cottages surrounding the medieval stone church, the site offers an exciting glimpse of what life used to be like in Luleå. Walk between the old cottages, learn about the history, and join a guided tour for a more profound experience.

isbanan lulea
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Spend some time on the ice

Winter in Luleå is not complete without skating on the natural ice rink that stretches from the North Harbor to the South Harbor. With a length of six miles, it is a perfect activity for beginners and experienced skaters alike. When you’re done, warm up with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee at a nearby café, such as Café La Vache.

Sandön beach
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Swimming on Sandön

Although Luleå is far to the north, the city offers a wonderful beach experience at Klubbviken Havsbad on Sandön, an island formed from the sand, gravel, and other sediment from the Lule River. It is one of Scandinavia’s most beautiful areas to swim in the sea and it can be reached by tour boats from Luleå city, but there is also accommodation available directly on the island.

shopping luleå
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Historic Shopping

In 1955, a mall named Shopping opened in Luleå. Designed by architect Ralph Erskine, it was the world’s first purpose-built indoor mall. It’s still in use, so you can combine architectural history with a shopping spree.

Text by Daniel Björk