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SAS uniforms through the years

The sleek SAS uniform has kept up with the times.

Photo: Karl Nordlund
October 2022
From the fitted forties to the swinging sixties to the stylish comfort of today, the sleek SAS uniform has kept up with the times. Here is a curated selection of female uniforms from a private collection.
sas uniform 1948
Flight attendant Ellinor Wickbom in Dior's New Look uniform. Photo: Karl Nordlund

1948: The New Look

Here we see a classic uniform with a mid-calf skirt. The silhouette, with its wide-lapel blouse and fitted jacket, reflects Christian Dior’s “New Look” of 1947 that revolutionized fashion.  The uniform is beautiful, feminine and very much in keeping with the period. The small, modest hat adds a touch of fun to an otherwise classic look. 

sas uniform 1949
Photo: Karl Nordlund

1949: Shoulder on

This unexpectedly light-colored uniform, with its broad shoulders and mid-calf skirt, is typical of the period. The uniform was designed for flight attendants stationed in Rome and flying to the Far East. The round hat gives the uniform a lift.

sas uniform 1965
SAS Carven uniform. Photo: Karl Nordlund

1965: Sporty elegance

Designed by French couture house Carven, this uniform has a sporty sixties feel. The use of navy blue makes the uniform more conservative, but the shortened jacket and the addition of the hat and white gloves makes the outfit playful and chic.

sas uniform 1967
Photo: Karl Nordlund

1967: Swinging sixties

This playful summer uniform is typical of iconic designer Carven’s work at the time with its fun color scheme and a somewhat straighter silhouette. This ­uniform is the most popular in SAS’s history among both crewmembers and ­travelers.

1971: Pure luxury

This Christian Dior winter uniform, with its rich turquoise tone, oozes French elegance. While the hat is somewhat similar to the Carven uniform of 1967, overall this look remains classic Dior.

sas uniform 1983
Photo: Karl Nordlund

1983: Simple sophistication

The 1980s were all about volume and in its day, this uniform would have been best in class. It is simple and contemporary while remaining comfortable. The uniform represents SAS as well as the minimalism of designer Calvin Klein. In other words, a successful collaboration.

Collection provided by Reidun Boethius.

Text by Eirik Mogseth