Travel with kids

SAS Crew tips: Traveling with young children

SAS cabin crew share their best tips on how to make everyone’s trip as pleasant as possible.

December 2022
Many parents long to discover the world with their children but traveling with young children can be a challenge. SAS cabin crew are used to handling kids. Here they share their best tips on how to make everyone’s trip as pleasant as possible.
  1. Be well prepared
    Start talking to the child in good advance to prepare for the flight. Find photos, films and use ways to describe what will happen onboard. Please make extra attention of how the security procedures work, eg that it is important to sit in still in the safety belt in the an adults lap or the chair when starting and landing. 

  2. Let the child pack the bag
    Let the child join and pack their own bag with teddy bears, toys, books and other favorites. 

  3. Surprise with packages
    Bring a toy, a game from home or buy something new that will be a surprise in the air. Why not wrap them as small packages, it will be extra exciting. Save some things for your return journey as well. 

  4. Entertainment 
    Charge tablet and phone. Many SAS aircraft have a USB socket, but a power bank can be useful. Check if there is WiFi onboard. Most SAS European flights, have high speed WiFi otherwise it could be a good idea down load your child's favorite movies. 

  5. Think of the hand luggage 
    Pack the hand luggage smartly. Include everything that may be needed in the air but not more than necessary. Keep in mind that the more you pack, the heavier to carry and observe the maximum weight of hand luggage. Use smaller containers, boxes and textile bags when packing, it will be easier to find in the bigger bag. 

  6. On board
    An extra pillow or blanket can be good to wear and preferably extra swap of clothes. 

  7. Select seat 
    It is often possible to pre-book a seat. Be strategic when choosing it. A place at the window can give peace and quiet and also admits you to see everything exciting outside, with a place at the aisle the toilet visits become a little bit smoother. 

  8. Document the trip 
    Make a personal and unique travel diary, where you write and draw about your travel experiences together. 

  9. Eat on board
    Pre-order food. In this way everyone can get something they like, even the most discerning. Pre-ordered food also contributes to less food waste and thus to a more sustainable flying. 

  10. Take it easy 
    Have plenty of time. Keep in mind that it is possible to check in from home. Add extra time and plan for it to take more time to travel with children. Don't stress, see the flight as an exciting part of the journey.

Text by Scandinavian Traveler