View over the Swedish city Sundsvall

Sundsvall Municipality Chooses SAS biofuel

Read more about the historic agreement here.

June 2023
At the end of April 2023, Sundsvall Municipality became the first municipality in Sweden to sign an agreement with SAS to book all their business flights with biofuel. Read more about the agreement here.

In the beginning of April, SAS introduced two completely new types of tickets with biofuel. These are available for domestic SAS flights as well as Scandinavian and European routes.  

The Go Smart Bio and Plus Pro Bio tickets allow individual travelers and organizations to do their part to lower CO₂ emissions by purchasing tickets that include around 50 percent biofuel.

A SAS Aircraft A350

Sundsvall has stepped up and led the charge, as the first municipality in Sweden to agree to book all employee flights on SAS with biofuel. The agreement will enable Sundsvall and other municipalities around the county of Västernorrland to lower their CO₂ emissions. 

“For the municipality, the flights to and from Sundsvall are a vital means of transportation that contribute toward the continued growth of our region. As, in line with our climate change initiatives, all business flights need to include biofuel, it’s very gratifying that SAS now offers a product for our employees that facilitates this. We hope and believe that we can be a role model and encourage other municipalities to follow in our footsteps,” says Niklas Andersson, Infrastructure Strategist for Sundsvall Municipality. 

“We were very pleased that Sundsvall Municipality took the initiative to go first and show other municipalities and businesses how easily they can lower their emissions from flights and contribute toward the ongoing transformation toward more sustainable air travel,” acknowledges Ann-Sofie Hörlin, Head of Sustainability at SAS.

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*Go Smart Bio and Plus Pro Bio include the estimated cost for an average flight with approx. 50 percent biofuel. This corresponds to around 60 minutes on Swedish or Norwegian domestic flights, 35 minutes on Danish domestic flights, and 90 minutes on flights within Europe.