Tapas in Alicante

The seven best tapas dishes in Alicante

Classic Spanish tapas are all well and good, but Alicante’s tapas scene has so much more to offer.

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December 2022
Padrón peppers, matured cheeses and patatas bravas. Classic Spanish tapas are all well and good, but Alicante’s tapas scene has so much more to offer. There are gastronomic restaurant gems here, with menus that extend far beyond traditional tapas dishes. Let us guide you to 7 unforgettable tapas dishes and the establishments that serve them.


We’re sure you’ve been served burrata many times before – but never like this! Combining it with juicy marinated tomatoes and fresh basil emulsion takes the creamy mozzarella to new heights. The dish – as beautiful as it is delicious – can be found at a restaurant that knows the art of modernizing the classic Spanish cuisine. It’s called Piripi. 

Av. Oscar Espla, 30, 03003 Alicante

Gastrobar Jorge

Escalivada is the typical Spanish dish featuring soft, sweet grilled pepper, tomato and onion. Served the authentic Alicante way, it’s a real dish to remember: on crispy bread alongside smoked sardines. And who makes this exquisite dish? The winner of Alicante’s best tapas 2021 – Gastrobar Jorge.

C. Martin Luther King, 2, 3, 03010 Alicante

Manero Mollá

Lobster roll with extra everything! Juicy, buttery brioche generously filled with a creamy hash of king crab and lobster. This luxurious tapas dish is so good, it’s hard not to keep on ordering more. Tempted? You’ll find it at the elegant Manero Mollá – and the great atmosphere is a free bonus!

C. Médico Manero Mollà, 7, 03001 Alicante

El Mincho
Photo: El Mincho

El Mincho

Crispy wafer filled with buttery foie gras that melts in the mouth. Also hoisin sauce and caramelized pistachios with a wasabi flavor. Sound like something you’ve never tasted before? This innovative tapas dish is typical for El Mincho, which serves simple, expertly composed tapas dishes with influences from around the world.

Carrer Arquitecto Morell, 12, 03003 Alicante


It’s not unusual to have your tapas served on a thin slice of baguette. Different restaurants serve their own combinations of toppings and sides, from delicious spreadable sobrasada sausage, to mature hard cheese or fried egg. For simple, reasonably priced, dizzyingly tasty tapas, D’Tablas is well worth a visit. Arrive early to avoid queues.

C. Rafael Altamira, 03002 Alicante

El Bocaito

Squid is a must on any tapas table, deep-fried, braised or broiled. But ideally grilled to perfection and served with garlic and parsley! You’ll find the dish at the cozy restaurant El Bocaito – famous also for its amazing rice dishes.

Isabel La Católica, 22, 03007 Alicante


Mexico meets Greece. Souvlaki made from Iberian pork is served with tzatziki, crispy fried onions and pico de gallo on a nice plump bread. As you can tell, this is tapas on the next level! Modern small dishes like this, with influences from around the world, can be found at the popular restaurant Steki.

C. Argensola, 8, 03002 Alicante

Text by Liv Bossuyt