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The new SAS App is a travel companion Like No Other

It’s modern, it’s sleek and it’s fast.

March 2023
Book your trip, get your boarding pass, check the status of your baggage and follow your flight on a map while in the air.

There are apps that works well for passing time onboard. There are apps that gets you inspired before going on a journey. There are, some, apps that makes your journey easier. With the new, revamped and relaunched SAS App, you get all this in one. We touched base with Massimo Pascotto, Head of Prepare & Travel at SAS’ Digital & IT division to learn more.

What are the main features in the updated SAS App?

We want to get the user inspired without compromising the other part: to empower you. By using the SAS app, you should be able to really understand what’s happening during your journey. How many passengers are boarded? What’s the status of my baggage? It’s all in the app. It’s a travel buddy that puts you in control.

SAS app features

What features are you most proud of?

There are three features that make all the difference: 1) You can now see if your bag is onboard. There was a case just a few days ago where a passenger who used the App saw that his bag was missing, and he could just go straight home and wait for the bag. 

2) We show you where your aircraft is flying in from and whether it’s taken off. This means that even if we haven’t communicated a delay yet, you can do the math yourself. 3) The boarding process. In the App you can seamlessly follow how the boarding is progressing so that you know whether you need to hurry up or can stay in the lounge a bit longer. No one asked for this feature, but we knew that it would be appreciated. It proved to be true. You can calmly stay in the lounge as long as possible.

What other features will you be adding?

We are looking at the extension of the journey, what happens post-trip – get a receipt, make a claim – the opportunities are endless. And stay tuned: we will soon be introducing guides from Scandinavian Traveler to the app as well.