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June 2023
Singular Society is a brand that’s known for offering outstanding quality at an unbelievable price. The secret lies in the business model, which makes it possible for Singular Society to offer products designed to exceed customers’ expectations. Scandinavian Traveler was privileged to have the chance to talk with founder Erik Zetterberg.

We live in a world of oversupply, where poor quality has become a huge problem – unfortunately, even when it comes to products that we spend a lot of money on. Fortunately, there are individuals and companies who do their utmost to transform our buying behavior by giving us the standards we deserve – like Singular Society.

The precept behind Singular Society is simple: it’s a membership-based brand that offers high-quality home and apparel products with no mark-up. In other words, for a monthly fee of just SEK 95, you can buy higher-quality clothing and accessories than what you normally buy for the same – or more – money. As a EuroBonus member, you get 5000 EuroBonus Extra Points when you join Singular Society for the first time. Simply enter your EuroBonus number when you become a member of Singular Society.

But how did they come up with the idea for Singular Society?

“My partner, Daniel Herrmann, and I wanted to find solutions for three big challenges in our industry: 1) to make responsibly made high-quality products more accessible; 2) to have a more long-term, direct relationship with our customers; and 3) to design a more sustainable model, where we minimise excess production and contribute to more sustainable consumption,” explains Erik Zetterberg, the founder of Singular Society.

Mr. Zetterberg and his partner sought an alternative business model that could solve these three challenges. The answer was Singular Society. They immediately set to work making high-quality, well-designed products available to the masses.

"Our income isn’t determined by how much we’re able to sell, but rather by how successful we are at satisfying our customers."

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While members-based consumption is a smart way to shop that offers a number of advantages, from a customer’s perspective, the most obvious benefit is the access to premium, top-quality products at a price point that wouldn’t be possible with a traditional business model (as a rule, you can save at least 50–80%, according to Mr. Zetterberg).

“In addition, you also contribute to a more sustainable model since our income isn’t determined by how much we’re able to sell, but rather by how successful we are at satisfying our customers. This means, in turn, that our focus isn’t on maximizing the sales and profits of the products.

Instead, our income primarily comes from the membership fees and becomes more stable and predictable as the company grows.

We view our range of products as a service to our members rather than something to earn money on,” maintains Mr. Zetterberg.

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Colorful but transparent

The products include stylish attire with a timeless design, such as classic chinos for men, elegant silk shirts for ladies, soft and supple warm-up pants, cashmere hoodies, Egyptian cotton T-shirts, and lyocell undies, not to mention cashmere blankets, glass vases, handmade candles, and a wide range of superb leather goods – from wallets and card-holders to purses and shoes. And this is just a small part of the constantly expanding, but carefully curated, range of products.

As a customer, it’s only natural to wonder how Singular Society can guarantee high quality – a concept that isn’t always so simple to define, but Mr. Zetterberg explains that the company is focused on collaborating with recognized globally leading manufacturers within each product category. This allows Singular Society to offer products that strike a chord with members when it comes to their price, functionality, design, and quality.

“We’re also fully transparent when it comes to disclosing who we partner with and how we price our products – quite simply because we’re proud of our partners. Thanks to their expertise, they play a big role in making the products exceptional.”

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When Mr. Zetterberg is asked to highlight a product he’s particularly proud of, he doesn’t hesitate to mention Singular Society’s percale bedsheets.

“We spin the material – an organic, super-thin Pima cotton from the US – and then weave it with an extremely high thread count. Before we dye the bedsheets, we stone-wash them with Balinese pebbles to give them an eggshell surface that makes them feel like they’re almost floating atop your body. I advise everyone to try them out.

Another product that’s worth checking out is the down bed topper, which is a layer that you put on top of the mattress.

It feels like the bed’s giving you a rub-down and is often the secret ingredient used by a number of luxury hotels. You wake up and wonder how it’s possible that you slept better than ever before,” explains Mr. Zetterberg.

“I highly recommend our Cashmere Travel Kit, which includes a sleep mask, high-cut socks, and a 100% cashmere blanket.”

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Improve your travel experience

Singular Society has a number of products that are perfect for improving your travel experience. For the summer season, Mr. Zetterberg recommends their linen and terry cloth collection featuring top-quality men’s and ladies’ shirts, pants, and shorts, but if you prefer something that can be used all year long, their Cashmere Travel Kit is outstanding.

“I highly recommend our Cashmere Travel Kit, which includes a sleep mask, high-cut socks, and a 100% cashmere blanket. It comes with a cashmere carrying case that easily converts to a pillow – which is no longer offered on regular flights if you’re not flying first class or business class. It’s a bit of a life hack to improve your travel experience and works for everyone,” adds Mr. Zetterberg.

And what does he personally bring along when he travels?

“For me, our weekend bag is a must whenever I travel. It’s made from the highest quality materials in southern Spain, and what I love about it is that it’s very generously proportioned so that you can truly pack everything you need for a weekend without having to check in. Our full-size toiletry bag is also an obvious choice for the same reason. Both are made with craftsmanship designed to last a lifetime – if not longer.”

Read more about the products and become a member of Singular Society here.