Eric and his son Lou in Tokyo

My points took me to Tokyo

Eric and his family traveled to Japan’s capital city using his EuroBonus Points.

Photo: Eric Severin
September 2023
When EuroBonus member Eric and his partner were planning their summer vacation, they discovered that their EuroBonus Points could get them all the way to Tokyo. He tells us more about it here.

It’s been seven years this year since Eric, a 39-year-old from Stockholm, became a SAS EuroBonus member. Eric had been inspired by his points-earning friend and it wasn’t long before he too could start enjoying all the unique benefits of EuroBonus membership.

A street in Tokyo
Photo: Eric Severin

Hi Eric, how do you earn your EuroBonus Points?
My partner and I earn points using Point Sharing. She uses her SAS MasterCard and I use my SAS American Express. We also earn points on our household electricity via SAS partner Fortum.

What do you like the most about SAS EuroBonus?
I value the ability to upgrade my ticket type, but for me, the award trips are by far the biggest reason why I earn points. With SAS EuroBonus, my partner and I have been able to take two dream trips in just one year, the first to Los Angeles and the second to Tokyo.

Tell us about your award trip to Tokyo.
Early last spring, we started thinking about where we wanted to go on vacation in the summer. Our son Lou was turning two at the end of August, and we wanted to take the chance to make a trip while he was still young enough to fly at no extra cost. We looked at all sorts of destinations, from Gotland to the Mediterranean, but nothing seemed quite right. Then I had the idea to see if we could use the two-for-one voucher we earned to get all the way to Tokyo, and we could!

Eric’s top three Tokyo tips

Fresh sashimi at Shirubee in Tokyo.
Photo: Eric Severin

Cozy and trendy


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2 Chome-18-2 Kitazawa
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Shirubee is a cozy izakaya in the trendy Shimokitazawa area. The restaurant is completely designed in wood with an open kitchen, allowing guests to see how the chefs prepare the food, including an incredibly tasty sashimi.

A room at Hotel K5 in Tokyo
Photo: Hotel K5

Scandinavian design

Hotel K5

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3-5 Nihonbashikabutochō
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This new boutique hotel is in the Kabuto-cho 5 area (also known as Japan’s Wall Street). Located in an old 1920s building, the hotel was designed by Stockholm-based architecture firm Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Mori Art Museum in Tokyo
Photo: Unsplash

Art with an awesome view

Mori Art museum

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6 Chome−10−1, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 53階
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Located on the 54th floor of the Mori Tower skyscraper in the Roppongi district, the Mori Art Museum has been dedicated to showcasing only the best of modern art and architecture since it opened in 2003. Don’t forget to visit the rooftop of the building for a 360-degree view of the capital.

Text by Agnes Regell