Collect SAS EuroBonus points

How to succeed as a EuroBonus Point Hunter

Our five smartest tips.

March 2023
It’s much easier than you think to collect enough SAS EuroBonus points for a trip. Here we let you in on how to get more points quicker.

You have an SAS EuroBonus profile and you’re already collecting some points when you travel. But if you want to speed things up a bit, there’s quite a lot you can do. Scandinavian Traveler gives you our best tips for succeeding as a EuroBonus point hunter.

#1 Link your personal card to your profile

You might not know it, but one of the smartest things you can do is to link your personal payment card to your EuroBonus profile – you can even link several cards. When you use the card as you pay at one of many participating stores you automatically earn points.

There are more and more stores on the list and the range is vast – clothing, restaurants, cruises, interior design, sports equipment, things for the car and lots of other things. You can even earn EuroBonus when ordering food deliveries.

You can link your card and start earning points everyday here and you’ll find all the participating stores here.

If the card you link to your EuroBonus profile is a SAS EuroBonus Mastercard or a SAS EuroBonus American Express you earn points from participating stores in addition to points on the payment transaction. You simply earn double.

Link your personal card to your EuroBonus profile

#2 Shop online, and earn points

When shopping for clothes, shoes, groceries or practically anything else online, why not make sure you earn points? It’s so easy. Just go to the SAS EuroBonus Earn portal, choose the shop you are interested in and log in as a EuroBonus member before you shop. The points you earn for your purchases will then be added to your EuroBonus account. Among the brands you find Apple, Zalando and House of Dagmar, and you can see the whole list here.

#3 Book hotel stays the smart way

EuroBonus point hunters make sure they book the hotel using – a cooperation between SAS and On the website you can earn points at 750,000 hotels worldwide. Just remember to register your EuroBonus profile when booking.

And yet, not all hotels are created equal. Some of them can earn you up to 600 points per night, if you stay at and book directly with one of the following hotel chains: Scandic, Best Western, First, Elite or Thon. All you have to do is tell them your EuroBonus profile when you check in.

Radisson hotels work a little bit differently. You earn Radisson Reward points when you stay at them and you can later exchange these for EuroBonus points. The only thing you need to do is sign up to Radisson’s reward program.

#4 Earn points on flights

This one might be a no-brainer, but you earn EuroBonus points on all flights with SAS, Wideroe and Star Alliance. The higher your tier level, the more points you get.

Sunny airport

#5 Check out our co-branded SAS EuroBonus credit cards

One of the quickest ways to earn points is to get an SAS EuroBonus Mastercard or SAS EuroBonus American Express. With these cards you simply earn points on everything when you pay, no matter where you shop. If this sounds like a good deal to you, read more and apply for a card here.

Our co-branded cards are only available in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

EuroBonus points

The EuroBonus points you earn are called Basic or Extra points. 

Basic points: Basic points qualify for reaching a higher EuroBonus membership level. You earn Basic points when you fly on SAS, Wideroe and airlines in Star Alliance. Some flight numbers, routes and booking classes may not qualify for earning points. 

Extra points: Just like Basic points, Extra points can be used as payment for bonus flights and other things, such as hotel stays, car rentals, lounge access and much more. You can also donate points to charity. Check out the alternatives on the web site under Use points.

You earn Extra points from our partners that are not airlines and they are just like Basic points, apart from not moving you on the next membership level.