EuroBonus turns 30

Largest Nordic loyalty program is turning 30

First and biggest. How SAS EuroBonus came about.

December 2022
SAS EuroBonus is now over 30 years old. Read more about how the largest Nordic loyalty program began here.

In the early 1990s, the then SAS Group CEO, Jan Carlzon, and his colleagues were thinking about how they could reward all those loyal SAS flyers around the world. The answer came in 1992, when EuroBonus became the Nordic region’s first loyalty program, with an impressive 400,000 members right from the start.

Today, just over 30 years later, EuroBonus is the largest Nordic loyalty program with more than seven million members. And best of all, 300,000 of them have been members for more than 20 years. 

Read more about the benefits you can expect as a member, including bonus flights, travel and SAS contact priority, Fast Track, lounges, and all kinds of other offers that make your journey an even better experience here. You can also make your journey with one of the other 25 Star Alliance airlines a little better and more convenient. 

Want to join SAS EuroBonus too? Start collecting points here.

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