The best way to enjoy a coffee break in Stockholm

A guide by the foodies behind the Instagram account @mat_stockholm.

Photo: Viktor Kasurinen
December 2022
Locally roasted coffee, artisan sweet rolls baked from cultivated grains, and fresh-squeezed juices. No visit to the Swedish capital is complete without enjoying a classic Swedish coffee break. The foodies Clara Cane and Maja Andersson behind the Instagram account @mat_stockholm guide us on a whirlwind tour of Stockholm’s best cafés.

The coffee break – a rite of culture for every Stockholmer

“If you drop in at one of the city’s cafés, you see everything from fashionistas to men and women in business attire enjoying an espresso before their morning meetings, to groups of teenagers drinking chai lattes and giant-sized muffins while slouching on sofas in the larger coffee chains. Then there are the hipsters, who seek out the best and coolest bakeries where the artisan sweet rolls are baked with sourdough and the coffee comes from trendy micro-roasteries, the parents on leave enjoying some soup while the baby sleeps in the stroller, and everyone meeting up on Tinder dates for coffee and slices of carrot cake. The coffee break is a rite of culture in Stockholm – for everyone!”

Artisan bakeries are becoming all the rage

“In Stockholm, you’ll find a wide variety of cafés and bakeries with different product offerings, styles, atmospheres, and price ranges. However, in recent years, Stockholmers have demanded more from their coffee breaks, which has led to more and more artisan bakeries popping up around the city – totally focused on excellent ingredients, preferably organic and locally produced, and a love of artisan bread, sweet rolls, and coffee.” 

Clara and Maja share their best café tips in Stockholm.
Clara Cane and Maja Andersson. Photo: Viktor Kasurinen

How Maja and Clara prefer to spend their coffee breaks

“The best time to enjoy a coffee break is over the weekend – to meet up with some friends at a café with an outdoor patio on a sunny Saturday or Sunday is hard to beat! We like our coffee break to last a while. In the summer, we like to buy coffee and pastries and sit in one of Stockholm’s numerous parks. In the winter, we warm up in a cozy bakery that smells like fresh-baked cinnamon rolls. Fresh-brewed coffee along with a crumbly pastry, a Tosca Mazarin, or a nice blueberry pie is just the ticket for our coffee break. And, of course, Swedish Semlor (cream sweet rolls) around Fat Tuesday. We’re both cream sweet roll fanatics!”

Maja and Clara’s top cafés

Enskedeparkens Bageri

“This is where we go when we’re dying for a cozy, fairly upscale weekend coffee break. The bakery and café are in a little red cottage in Enskede, just south of Stockholm, and this is where you’ll find some of Stockholm’s tastiest pastries. Their sweet rolls and pastries are absolutely to die for. While you’re here, you should also buy a loaf of bread to take home. They’re so juicy and irresistibly good!”
Enskede gårdsväg 3-5, 120 47 Enskede Gård

Stora Bageriet
"Giffel" at Stora Bageriet. Foto: Viktor Kasurinen

Stora Bageriet

“A new-found favorite located in a cozy, older development on Sibyllegatan in Östermalm. We’re talking about top-notch artisan products, incredibly good bread, and awesome coffee. Their cinnamon rolls are a must.”
Sibyllegatan 2, 114 51 Stockholm

Socker Sucker in Stockholm
Socker Sucker in Stockholm. Photo: Viktor Kasurinen

Socker Sucker

“A new café and bakery on Drottninggatan 93 in the heart of the city, it’s worth repeated visits to enjoy their fine selection of rolls. The place is run by Bedros, the master baker, and Frida, the pastry chef, who’ve both won prizes for their creations. If nothing else, try their hazelnut cream rolls and pistachio cream pastries.”
Drottninggatan 93, 113 60 Stockholm

 Café Pom & Flora

“If you’re looking for the perfect breakfast, this is where to go. Café Pom & Flora is very popular, and you often need to wait a long time to be seated. But it’s actually worth the wait! We order creamy scrambled eggs with chili on rye bread and porridge topped with a seasonal compôte. It’s well-prepared with generous portions and really good.”
Bondegatan 64, 116 29 Stockholm / Odengatan 39, 113 51 Stockholm 

Haga Bageri in Stockholm
Haga Bageri in Stockholm. Foto: Viktor Kasurinen

Haga Bageri 

“If you’re looking for a classic coffee shop with princess cake, sweet rolls, and unbelievable sugar kringles, Haga Bageri is the right place!”
Fleminggatan 107, 112 32 Stockholm

Text by Agnes Regell