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This is the fastest way to save for a EuroBonus Trip

Our best tips for maximizing your points collection.

December 2022
With EuroBonus, you earn points that you can use to pay for flights. Did you know there are several ways to quickly collect enough points for your dream bonus trip? Here are our top tips.

SAS EuroBonus gives you access to all kinds of benefits, such as comfortable SAS lounges and the handy Fast Track service. Join Scandinavia’s biggest loyalty program, and you’ve also taken the first step towards booking a bonus trip with the EuroBonus points you earn. 

As an SAS EuroBonus member there are various ways of collecting points, and it’s up to you how quickly you save up. Flying with SAS is of course one way to start saving for a bonus trip, but if you also have a credit card (or more than one) from one of our partners, you can collect a lot of points from your everyday purchases. That’s because an SAS EuroBonus MasterCard or SAS EuroBonus American Express gives you Extra points whatever you buy, wherever you buy it. Read more about the best credit card for you: Transform your shopping into bonus flights

Onboard with friends

You can also accelerate your points collection in over 1,500 EuroBonus partner restaurants and stores in Scandinavia – earn up to one point for every SEK/NOK/DKK 1 you spend! To automatically earn Extra points when you shop, link your payment card to your EuroBonus number, whether it’s an SAS EuroBonus credit card or not. Link your card here. Want to start collecting points in stores and restaurants today? Click here.

Prefer to shop online? You can also earn points with 500 of the largest online retailers in each Scandinavian country. Make sure you’re logged in as a EuroBonus member and start your shopping via the SAS website, and you’ll automatically earn 10–100 points per SEK/NOK/DKK 100. You can see all the stores here: Shop & earn EuroBonus points

EuroBonus members also have their own EuroBonus Shop, offering selected products from well-known brands. You can pay using points or money, but you also earn points. Shop here: SAS EuroBonus Shop

And when you’re traveling, there are more ways to earn points than just flying. You can also earn points when you book a hotel or rental car via the SAS website. EuroBonus has partnerships with the major car rental companies, and you can earn points at over 750,000 hotels worldwide. In addition, you can do your bit for a sustainable travel and add biofuel, which will earn you 500 points.

All the ways of earning EuroBonus points for your next trip

  • Fly with SAS or an SAS partner

  • Pay using an SAS EuroBonus credit card

  • Link your EuroBonus number to any debit, credit or charge card to earn extra points at selected stores and restaurants. Link your SAS EuroBonus credit card and you’ll earn double!

  • Shop online in around 500 stores by logging in via the SAS website

  • Shop in the SAS EuroBonus Shop on the SAS website

  • Book a hotel via the SAS website 

  • Book a rental car via the SAS website

  • Add biofuel to your next flight

You’ll find more tips on how to earn points on the SAS website: How can I earn EuroBonus points?