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Earn eurobonus extra points when buying biofuel.

October 2022
It’s easier than ever to fly more sustainably. Biofuel is a kind of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) that is far better from a climate impact point of view than fossil fuel. And right now, travelers can earn rewards of at least 500 EuroBonus Extra points when they buy biofuel for their flights.

By buying biofuel, SAS travelers can reduce the amount of climate impacting emissions from their flights. And right now, travelers can also earn rewards of 500 EuroBonus Extra points for every 20-minute block of biofuel they purchase for their trip.

SAS has ambitious sustainability targets. So how will they be achieved? The greatest impact will be from using top, modern aircraft. SAS already has one of Europe’s most modern fleets and continues to phase in new, more fuel-efficient aircraft. The new aircraft consume 15–30% less fuel compared to the ones they are replacing.

Another key factor is the increased use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). SAS is constantly striving to increase the availability and use of sustainable aviation fuels, like biofuel for example. Biofuel is made from sustainable biomass and therefore emits up to 80% less climate-impacting CO₂ than fossil fuels.

All SAS travelers, corporate and cargo customers are welcome on board the journey toward more sustainable aviation. And right now, there is an extra reward for travelers when they buy biofuel when booking their trip. EuroBonus members are rewarded with 500 Extra Points for every 20-minute block of sustainable aviation fuel they purchase.

Sustainable aviation fuel


What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)?

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a fuel produced from sustainable feedstocks including used cooking oil and other waste oils from animals or plants, as well as solid waste from homes and businesses, and forestry waste. The fuel meets all the same technical and safety requirements as fossil-based jet fuel. It contains the same hydrocarbons as fossil-based fuel, but in the case of SAF those hydrocarbons come from a more sustainable source.

Why is it important to use sustainable aviation fuel?

Fuel produced from sustainable sources reduces the amount of climate-impacting CO₂ emissions. Over its life cycle, it emits up to 80% less CO₂ than traditional aviation fuel.

Is the SAF I buy used for the flight I am on?

In the same way that when you choose wind power as a source of energy for your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is precisely the wind-powered electricity you have paid for that’s powering your lamps and household appliances. However, your purchase does have an effect on the total amount of electricity that comes from wind power. It works in a similar way when you buy sustainable aviation fuel. You are contributing to the total amount of the sustainable fuel that SAS uses.

If I add sustainable aviation fuels to my flight, is it still worth CO₂-compensating? 

All initiatives to reduce the negative impacts of transportation are worth taking. SAS sees CO₂-compensation as an important tool and of course, SAS will continue to CO₂-compensate all trips made by EuroBonus members, Youth tickets and our own staff.

How can I buy sustainable aviation fuel for my SAS flight?

Travelers who want to choose sustainable aviation fuel pay 100 kronor per 20-minute block. Travelers can add sustainable aviation fuel while making a booking on the SAS website, or by going into “My Bookings” on the website any time before their journey.

How many blocks of sustainable aviation fuel can I purchase?

You can buy as many blocks as it takes to cover the entire duration of the flight, for each passenger in the booking. For example, for the one-hour trip from Stockholm to Oslo  you can buy up to three 20-minute blocks per passenger for a one-way trip, or six blocks for a return journey. A one-way Copenhagen-New York flight takes 8 hours and 20 minutes. This is the equivalent of 25, 20-minute blocks per passenger.

How many EuroBonus points can I earn?

EuroBonus members earn 500 Extra points for every 20-minute block of sustainable aviation fuel they buy. So, for example, you will be rewarded with 1,500 Extra points for a one-way, one-hour flight from Oslo to Stockholm.

Will my contribution complement or subsidize SAS’ commitments?

Every block purchased plays an important role, because it is contributing towards a rise in the total amount of sustainable aviation fuel. SAS has already made a strong commitment to using sustainable aviation fuel that the airline is funding totally on its own. Sustainable aviation fuel purchased voluntarily by travelers does not count as part of SAS’ commitment, it is an addition to it. SAS makes no profit from travelers’ sustainable aviation fuel purchases.

Text by Geoff Mortimore